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Trusted Transactions | Entersekt Blog

Intellectual property: our secret weapon in a crowded market

The time for passive identity management is over

Background authentication: convenience, but at what price?

Clumsy checkouts: the surest way to cart abandonment

Letters to a customer: mandates, authentication and non-repudiation

How will behavioral biometrics change our lives?

Niel Bester on Entersekt's product vision

SS7 attack gives pause for thought

Five reasons to take a second look at digital authentication

Can technology save private banks?

Don’t confuse biometrics with strong authentication

Schalk Nolte on the power of mobile

How are Europe’s PSD2 plans going?

What’s behind the brisk growth of risk-based authentication?

Trend alert: authentication acquisitions

P2P payment apps are taking over the world

Move along, millennials: Gen Z is coming

Why would you need MFA for healthcare?

GDPR? PSD2? Four-letter headaches in need of specialist attention

Home-turf victories for Entersekt

Make ease of use your trump card

The effect of regulations on innovation? It’s a matter of perspective

The end of the piggy bank?

Russian hackers making borscht of banks worldwide

No branch required: the rise of digital-only banks

Why fintech has created a golden moment of opportunity for savvy banks

Fraud thriving Down Under

Five tips for designing African digital banking experiences that score with young and old

Fraud-not-present: How false declines cost US merchants more than prevention

How to secure digital banking in the world’s wealthiest region

Defunct SMS OTP still reigns at Australian banks

NIST puts the brakes on a slow-mo train wreck

African FinTech Awards 2016

Entersekt helps German banks go beyond ticking BaFin’s boxes

Are the payments networks stepping away from OTPs?

Will a cashless society be the future?

What’s the deal with enhanced ATMs?

Looking ahead to authenticated collections

Nimble GozNym represents a new generation of malware

The state of online banking at Africa’s biggest banks

Let’s talk mobile payments at Kartenkongress 2016

How we stay ahead in mobile security

The singularity event for SMS OTP

2016: An annus horribilis for SMS OTP

Join the biometrics conversation!

Omnichannel is the new banking

Mobile payments in Europe: balancing trust and ease of use

Entersekt’s journey with Investec

How should a bank select a security partner?

The trouble with mTANs

Counting Entersekt's bright ideas

Mobile Africa – now’s the time to refocus on security

Transakt complies with Germany's BaFin regulations

Europe muscles up on mobile strong authentication

It’s happened again. Should we care about Stagefright?

Fingerprints and the gap between identity and authentication in digital banking

Get FIDO Ready!

My thoughts on the LastPass breach

Seven steps to stronger authentication

Global guidance on strong authentication

Lessons learned from early EMV deployments

Into the jungle of smartphone app permissions

Fraud on Apple Pay spikes up to 100 times the industry average

Will EMV help combat growing card fraud in the US? Yes and no.

Solving mobile banking security and user experience issues

Biometrics: Real promise or false hope?

Six threats to mobile banking

A look at Apple Pay’s SMS OTP and tokenization

Webinar recap: One-time passwords are being compromised!

Strengthen cloud security with out-of-band multi-factor authentication

The password paradigm shift to FIDO: With Entersekt, you are ready

What you need to know about Google and FIDO U2F

A balanced approach to biometrics

Financial institutions should take security fight to cyber thieves, not the courtroom!

Ask your customers to authenticate – It’s more important than you think

Flawed security is the elephant in the app store

CyberVor is a call to action whichever way you look at it

“Simply safe” at Swisscard

Celebrating Capitec Bank’s mobile banking

Complimentary webinar recording: Securing Seven Billion Mobiles: Best Practices for Mobile Banking Authentication

Go beyond the FFIEC guidelines for authentication – they simply are not enough

Operation Emmental defeating SMS OTP

Is two-factor authentication too much to ask of users?

SMS – A welcome invitation for fraudsters

One-time passwords – a decade of failure

New Webinar: Best Practices for Secure Mobile Banking Authentication

The Citadel trojan – it’s not gone yet…

Zeus-in-the-mobile – another reason to ditch OTPs

Typical 3-D Secure implementations are not working — time to take it to the next level

How the 3-D Secure standard affects your financial institution


Why is transaction signing important for U.S. banks?

3-D Secure – Friend or Foe?

Monetary Authority of Singapore’s transaction signing regulations force U.S. financial institutions to look at new solutions

Heartbleed? Not even close.

The secret to better business banking on mobile

Mutual authentication helps prevent mobile banking fraud

Two-factor authentication is not safe enough

RSAC snapshot #2: Is big data really the key to stronger security?

RSAC snapshot #1: Apathy and conventional thinking hinder action on cyber threats

FIDO’s 2014 v1.0 specs: What they mean for everyone online

Apple’s latest security blunder and why it won’t be the last

The myth about P@ssw0rds!

Account takeover is on the rise, but it does not have to be

After the Target breach, where will you turn for security?

Redefining online banking security

Many consumer authentication methods can expose your organization to fraud

Account takeover and security threats on the digital frontier

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