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Trusted Transactions | Entersekt Blog

Why would you need MFA for healthcare?

Posted by Jolette Roodt, Writer/Analyst, Entersekt

Feb 21, 2017 10:00:00 AM

Are reports of breaches at health providers sending your blood pressure skyward? Straightforward, effective authentication is just what the doctor ordered!

We tend to associate authentication with the obvious things we want to protect, like the money in our bank accounts. Increasingly, consumers are also becoming aware of the inherent value of their personal email, social media interactions, and other account information – monetized as it now is on the black market. Few of them are yet aware of why the healthcare industry needs multi-factor authentication too. Where would you use it, and how would it work?


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Topics: Data breaches, Privacy, Insurance, Healthcare

Russian hackers making borscht of banks worldwide

Posted by Jolette Roodt, Writer/Analyst, Entersekt

Nov 17, 2016 10:30:00 AM

As if the nearly $44 million that Russian cybercriminals stole from banks in their own country between June 2015 and June 2016 weren’t enough, these fraudsters seem to be moving on to greener pastures abroad. Stealing directly from banks as well as from individual online accounts, Russians have started targeting the rest of Europe – and the rest of the world.





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Topics: Mobile app vulnerabilities, Data breaches, Malware

My thoughts on the LastPass breach

Posted by Christiaan Brand, chief technology officer, Entersekt

Jun 17, 2015 6:13:00 PM

ChristiaanBrandNewLastPass announced June 15 that it had detected and subsequently blocked “suspicious activity” on its networks a couple of days before. The attackers made off with email addresses associated with LastPass accounts, hints that help users reset their master passwords, salted password hashes, as well as the associated salts.

If you use LastPass, it’s important to note that your actual password was not compromised. The “salted password hashes” that attackers stole are really encrypted forms of master passwords made with a one-way hash function such as SHA.
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