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Fraud thriving Down Under

Posted by Jolette Roodt, Writer/Analyst, Entersekt

Sep 29, 2016 3:10:59 PM

Australia and New Zealand seem to have become prime targets for cybercriminals over the past few months. As a target, Australia is under the top 10 in the world for phishing, malware, and fraud. According to Symantec strategist Mark Shaw, 108 cybercrime attacks occur in New Zealand every day; during 2015, the country’s global rank rose in five out of six threat categories: spam, phishing hosts, bots, network attacks, and web attacks. It also had the eighth-highest proportion of global phishing traffic. More than 856,000 New Zealanders are estimated to have been affected by cybercrime last year, at a cost of 257 million New Zealand dollars (186 million US dollars) to the economy.


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Europe muscles up on mobile strong authentication

Posted by Claudius van der Meulen, VP business development / director Europe, Entersekt

Sep 8, 2015 2:06:00 PM

Mobile commerce transactions and other app-based payments must be secured if consumer adoption is to continue at the impressive pace we have seen. Attacks on customer accounts by fraudsters are becoming increasingly sophisticated, which raises concerns among consumers about the safety of mobile transactions. Besides the impact on individual victims, this kind of fraud threatens to limit mobile innovation. How can financial institutions and customers protect themselves without compromising on convenience?Claudius_van_der_Meulenr
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