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Trusted Transactions | Entersekt Blog

The time for passive identity management is over

Posted by Dewald Nolte, SVP partnerships and alliances, Entersekt

Sep 14, 2017 5:10:34 PM

A decade of large-scale data theft has us all feeling like a target is on our back. With the number of online services increasing rapidly across the globe, we’re sharing and using our personal details more than ever before. The side effect of the rapid growth in sharing personal information is that we know that our personal details are out there in the wild, probably being shared among hackers, and sold by crime syndicates.


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Topics: Data breaches, Privacy, Identity enablement, Risk-based authentication

Trend alert: authentication acquisitions

Posted by Jolette Roodt, Writer/Analyst, Entersekt

Apr 11, 2017 9:00:00 AM

Digital security is becoming a part of everyday life and is no longer something only banks need to care about. As such, smaller-fry authentication companies are being picked up by big service-provider fish at a rate worth mentioning – and not for a song, either, as recent figures show. Why is this happening, and what does it spell for the future?


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Topics: Knowledge based authentication, Identity enablement

Why fintech has created a golden moment of opportunity for savvy banks

Posted by Schalk Nolte, Chief Executive Officer, Entersekt

Oct 20, 2016 8:00:00 AM

With the disruptive arrival of financial technology tools and platforms, banks worldwide have been besieged with gloomy forecasts. Advisory firms and analysts are feverishly crunching the numbers and warning of a tech-fuelled banking revolution – with the established players on the back foot. It may be true that banking is in the process of changing forever, but digital transformation has actually placed the savvier incumbents in an enviable position, one where they can leverage an asset they alone hold.

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Topics: Identity enablement

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